In my 20 years experience the wellfare of babies and children has always been a special interest of mine. I am a mother of two, now adults, and like many parents, I am concerned about the overprescribing of medicines such as antibiotics or the increasing incidence of allergies and asthma in particular.

There are excellent alternative and complementary approaches to many of those health problems and I invite parents to make an appointment and find out about them.

Consultations at discounted rates for children up to the age of 16.

Initial consultation $77.00

Follow-up consultations $45.00


The initial consultation gives me the oppurtunity to take a complete health history and discuss ways that naturopathy can help your child regain excellent health! The shorter Follow-up Consultations assess progress of our treatment program or can be booked for "acute care" in case of ailments such as ear infections, coughs and colds, eczema flare ups, tummy aches etc.

            We do our best to attend to acute care patients on the same day of your call. If we can't see youwe may arrange for someone to pick up products or express post then to you for a small fee. Call me on 98790504 to make an appointment.



Following as an email I recently received from a very happy mother:

When my son Alex was two years old, he suffered a severe Asthma attack and was hospitalised for two days. Since birth Alex always had been a child who constantly caught colds and viruses, usually resulting in the development of secondary infections and the use of recurrent doses of antibiotics. After the Asthma attack that saw my son hospitalised, he continued to develop infections and these almost always resulted in further complications with Asthma; to the extent that he was prescribed more preventers and required regular Ventolin.

As a mother it concerned me that my son was becoming dependant on these drugs.  But what concerned me more were the side-effects. Due to the regular doses of antibiotics Alex was constantly troubled with Thrush.  The final straw was in January this year when Alex developed severe mouth ulcers from regular heavy use of his steroid puffer. I’d had enough and convinced my husband, a sceptic of alternative medicines, to allow me to take Alex to see Brigitte.

Not long after that appointment Alex started his first year of school. In last six months since taking Brigitte’s natural remedies, he has not missed a day of school. He has caught a couple of minor colds but has managed to fight them off easily with no secondary infections developing and no use of antibiotics.

At present he remains on his Asthma preventers, but his Asthma is totally under control, and has not required the use of Ventolin. Everyone who knows Alex says that he has never looked so healthy and strong. Even our family doctors are amazed as they rarely see Alex these days.

                                        Thanks Brigitte            

                                                 Regards Terry   


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