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....happy mums sing praises of our DISCOUNTED CHILDREN'S CLINIC! Make an appointment TODAY and help your children regain great health!

Homoeopathics -

Medicines with the WOW-Effect!

When my 13 month old daughter broke out in a horrible rash on her face that turned into blisters, I was so worried, frightened and deeply concerned!! After taking her to three different Drs who told me it looked like nothing to worry about and sent me out the door after two minutes of looking at the rash, I thought about seeing a naturopath. Searching on the internet for child naturopath, I came across Brigitte and her free children’s clinic. I was able to book in an appointment straight away.
On arrival, Brigitte asked a variety of questions (none of which any Dr previously asked) to rule out things one by one. After spending an hour with my daughter and I, Brigitte came up with remedies for us to try. The results started to show within 3 hours upon taking the remedies and sticking to the instructions given. By the next day, my daughter’s terrible rash had gone and she appeared to no longer be in pain from the itchiness.
I have already recommended Brigitte to all of my friends who have children and will even be visiting her again for myself and the rest of my family.
Brigitte was very friendly, welcoming and most importantly, she wanted to help and took the time to find out what we could do - she actually showed a genuine interest in solving the problem. And, after having been so disappointed with the lack of help from the Dr's, I was delighted to have found her!!!
Thankyou so much Brigitte, you have made such a difference to a worried mother!!!

R. From Edithvale


Buteyko breathing (for the relief of asthma) combined with immune system support at work!


A. is doing really well.

She had another cold and used maybe 1% of her usual medication (no oral steroids at all and very little Ventolin). This is just an absolutely amazing result. In the past an asthma attack seemed to have a complete hold over her, this time she was in charge and could deal with the tightness of her chest very well. Mostly she breathed herself through without using any medication and when she couldn't do this she only used 1 puff of Ventolin instead of 6.  Thank you again so much for all your help and support, and yes, A. is still practising daily and she just recently told me "Mum, often I do Fairy Breathing out of habit and not because you tell me to". This is of course just what we want. We are very grateful to you.

A.& M. / Donvale

Remark: “Fairy Breathing” is what we call the type of breathing recommended during the Butyeko exercises. It is slower and shallowed breathing than comfortable / normal breathing.




Brigitte Bennett is a GENIUS!!!  My daughter has been an asthma sufferer for about 4 years (she is now 8 years old) and a friend mentioned a method called the Buteyko method and highly recommended Brigitte as the practitioner to help me with this method.  Brigitte was amazing from the moment I made contact. Brigitte was welcoming and full of knowledge about the Buteyko method.  What struck me about Brigitte was her genuine warmth and caring nature towards my daughter.  My daughter is quite shy and reserved but warmed to Brigitte quite quickly.  Brigitte you have the midas touch with children.  I also felt very comfortable with Brigitte and knew we were in the right place.  Because of Brigitte's excellent service, I now have engaged Brigitte's services for myself and the rest of my family.  I am so impressed with what you have done for Paris, Brigitte – thank you – you are a rare gem.

J. R. (Camberwell)


Brigitte's reply:

Thank you for this wondeful testimonial. I believe that the real genius behind the success of this breathing technique is the late Professor Buteyko. He devoted his life to developing it and I am simply one of many messengers spreading it to as many people as possible!



I first came to see Brigitte with my four-year-old son after seeing her free children's clinic advertised. I thought, "What do we have to lose!" Both my sons had been through a difficult winter of illness with croup and, in S...'s case, asthma, and I was at my wit's end as to how to get them healthy again. We all follow good diets and my youngest seemed to be recovering fine but S... was not and was continuing to pick up bugs and colds and was suffering digestive problems. I was so frightened. We had several visits to the hospital in an ambulance and I so hated seeing them like that. Western medicine was great in an emergency at saving their lives but it was certainly not helping in the long term.    

Brigitte gave us so much of her time and was incredibly thorough and patient with my four year old. She suggested a number of high quality supplements but at no time was I under any pressure to buy from her or to make another appointment. It was very clear Brigitte was only interested in how we could improve my boy’s health and certainly not interested in making money out of us. How refreshing.

In the three months since visiting I can definitely see an improvement in my boys. S..., whose immune system was the most affected, is already having much longer stretches of good health, In fact he woke up the other day with a cold and it was gone by the next morning. I couldn't believe it!  There have been times where we have had relapses but the drugs needed at that time are becoming less, and once when S...has become asthmatic, I was able to completely turn the situation around by using a breathing technique from Brigitte and he didn’t need Ventolin. I couldn't believe how well it worked.

Naturopathy is a slow and thorough return to health and I know we won't be able to test its efficacy until next winter but I know I have healthier children from seeing Brigitte. I look forward to continuing to provide optimal health to my children through her guidance and I have no doubt that in her I have found a caring, knowledgeable professional who will go out of her way to provide excellent care to the most important people in the world - my babies! For that, I am so very thankful
M. (Healesville)      


You can’t win them all - honest feedback from one concerned mum!

Hi Brigitte,
Thanks for your email, I have been trying to think of what to say.... I guess we didn't really have much of a success story with the particular issues we were dealing with with E....  We really tried everything we could for a good three months, and I mean I really, really followed it all so strictly and even went beyond some of the recommendations, but alas, there was not the tiniest improvement.  In fact, probably about 3 weeks after I stopped it all she suddenly started getting better all on her own.  She has maintained fairly steady health since then, though we are still pursuing an adenoidectomy, as we feel it is going to be better for her in the long term.

Having said all that, I was so happy with your service, your generosity and your genuine care for children.  The free clinic is just such a wonderful thing to have available.  I would definitely recommend you to others and am happy to spread the word.  I do believe that naturopathy is a wonderful avenue for children’s health and although it didn't work for E...  in this instance I wouldn't hesitate try it again if some other issue were to arise.

I was also so grateful for being able to order products and pick them up from the doorstep, and that your homeopathics are so affordable.

Thanking you again,


Brigitte’s response:

Dear S...,

Thank you for your feedback! I will add it to my website so that people can get a realistic view of what can and cannot be done. I appreciate your honest appraisal and while I am sorry that I wasn’t able to help E... the important thing is that she has recovered all by herself given a bit of time.

I suppose one of the most frustrating things for me to accept is that I don’t have a 100% success rate, because there are so many children in need of help and I would love to assist them all!

I will however always try my very best and hopefully lead many back to better health!

Don’t hesitate to call again!




Dietary adjustments &  appropriate supplementation bring about a change for the better in a little boy suffering from a severe respiratory condition!

Dear Brigitte,

I’m not sure I can put into words what your knowledge, kindness and guidance did for us - particularly during our first meeting but I shall try.  As you would remember our 3 year old son was vomiting and coughing so hard and often during the worst of it I was constantly in tears as was he.  We were desperately upset about his illness.  We knew in our heart of hearts that he his ‘colds’ and bronchial infections were misdiagnoses – but what else was it?  Your recommendations for diet adjustments and supplementation have really paid off.  Our son is now six and by having an ongoing preventative attitude towards his health he has gotten through the recent spring and summer without any major asthma attacks and the need to administer is medication is rare.

We are truly grateful to you for your wisdom and generosity.  When we came to you our financial situation was such that we had not been able to seek the assistance of a naturopath because of the associated costs.  I simply dread the thought of where we might be today if it wasn’t for you offer of free consultation for children.

It’s also important for people to understand how much flexibility you provide – phone and email consultations and mailing supplementation and allowing us to collect it on the weekend are all services that you should be most proud of.  They are all the reasons why we would recommend you every time.

Bless you Brigitte – we’ll forever be in your debt.

S of Malvern East


Work in progress:

Hi Brigitte,

Thank you for your email.  L... is doing better – not as many “tantrums” and she seems a lot calmer.   Following your diagnosis, I mentioned to our chiropractor what you had advised, and she agreed, but also advised me that I was best to avoid anything corn related with her as well, (she did a nutritional consult) as she seemed to have a reaction to that as well.  She is on the rice milk, and we have been extremely strict in making sure that she avoids any foods she shouldn’t have.  Her eating seems to have improved as well; she is eating A LOT better and will have a reasonable sized meal now at dinner time.  Lunch is still an issue, but we’re working on that.

C (Ringwood North)


Delivering long-term care for the whole family:

My daughter saw Brigitte about 4 years ago, after seeing many other specialists for her condition, Brigitte was the only one that could help her.  My daughter’s condition improved remarkably, which was a big relief!

I am very grateful that I found someone like Brigitte who took the time to listen and care. I am very happy with the results that I have seen.

Thank you Brigitte for your excellent service.

Magdalene P.



A love for children and  previous teacher training enable me to relate to even the youngest patients!

"I have seen Brigitte for treatment relating to my son's asthma and general wellbeing on several occasions now. I find her approach practical and thorough and appreciate that she draws from several complementary medicine disciplines including homeopathy and nutritional medicine. Brigitte's genuine interest in children and ability to build rapport with them helps to make our appointments with her run smoothly and stress free." 

Louisa from Heathmont





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