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What they don't want you to know about Buteyko!

What they don't want you to know about Buteyko!

Do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes reading this amazing article by Martha Magenta. It was recently posted on a very useful website which lists various complementary health practitioners around the world -

Did you know that...

A British study shows that the risk of dying as a result of asthma is three times higher in asthmatics using long-acting Serevent than short-acting Ventolin, yet long-acting beta-2 agonist bronchodilators continue to be the most widely prescribed asthma medications, with both the public and primary care doctors unaware of the dangers.[liv] [lv]


or that..


It is important to note that BBT was never meant to be a complementary or alternative therapy; rather, it was intended to constitute a revision of medical diagnosis and treatment of disease.


and that...


A major two-year trial in Glasgow, Scotland, UK showed similar results to the Brisbane study. In the BBT group asthma symptoms decreased by 98%, and remained the same after six and twelve months. Use of reliever medication decreased by 98%, preventive medication decreased by 92%, reliever oral medication decreased by 100%, preventive oral medication decreased by 96%, and incidence of cold or viral infection decreased by 20%. The quality of life increased by 100%. There was no significant change on any of these outcome measures in the placebo and control groups.[lxxxii]


However, despite the fact that this method was found highly effective in all studies conducted around the world and able to lower national health costs the medical establishment, backed by pharmaceutical multi-nationals, do not want to know about it!




BBT is portrayed as a complementary therapy with no proven scientific basis, and this view is difficult to change due to the lack of willingness on the part of funding bodies to support further research.[xcix] Despite repeated parliamentary debates the Department of Health remains dismissive of BBT.[c] [ci] [cii] [ciii] [civ]


Please read the whole article by clicking here.



Since 2008 the British Guidlines for the Management of Asthma have endorsed the Buteyko technique for the control of asthma symptoms, so that GP's and asthma nurses can now recommend it! The guidlines grade the research on Buteyko as a "B" classification - indicating that there are high quality clinical trials supporting the efficacy of the technique in reducing both asthma symptoms and bronchodilator usage. (source:



I invite you to forward this article to everyone you know with asthma! They have a right to know what is really going on!



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