My name is Brigitte Bennett and I divide my time between my busy naturopathic clinic in Ringwood North and Braceless Choice (www.bracelesschoice.com.au) an early dental intervention clinic in Ringwood, where I teach children the Buteyko Breathing Method, as mouth breathing can be a major contributing factor in over-crowded gums.  I practise my craft with passion and especially love looking after families.

I specialise in:

  • THE BUTEYKO BREATHING METHOD - for the relief of asthma, sleep apnoea and other conditions caused by mouth breathing

I run a CHILDREN'S CLINIC (free or no-gap consultations)  every 1st & 3rd Tuesday afternoon, offering parents a chance to receive alternative and complementary options to orthodox health care. On my other clinic days I see many patients from all walks of life and with all kinds of complaints. My working life is never boring! Some people have never been to a naturopath before, others wouldn't go anywhere else.

Asthma/ Buteyko Breathing Clinic Free Children’s Clinic General Naturopathic Clinic
Buteyko Breathing Clinic Children’s Clinic General Naturopathic Clinic
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        My daughter has been an asthma sufferer for about 4 years (she is now 8 years old), a friend mentioned a method called the Buteyko method and highly recommended Brigitte as the practitioner to help me with this method.  Brigitte was amazing from the moment I made contact. Brigitte was welcoming & full of knowledge about the Buteyko method. What struck me about Brigitte was her genuine warmth and caring nature towards my daughter.

        I have seen Brigitte for treatment relating to my son's asthma and general wellbeing on several occasions now. I find her approach practical and thorough and appreciate that she draws from several complementary medicine disciplines including homeopathy and nutritional medicine. Brigitte's genuine interest in children and ability to build rapport with them helps to make our appointments with her run smoothly and stress free.

        Brigitte Bennett is a wonderful naturopath. Over the previous years, I have worked with numerous Naturopath's to try and achieve a more wholistic balance to my life and hormone and weight issues and Brigitte has stood head and shoulders above other professionals in her field. She has a genuine focus on the client and their issues and is generous with her time and extensive wealth of knowledge and advice.

J. R. from Camberwell

Louisa from Heathmont

Cat from Ringwood

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